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What are the things you always want to remember about your children and family? If you could look back at yourselves in 30 years, what would you miss the most? Maybe it was the way your daughter's nose wrinkled when she laughed or the sound of your son's voice as he learns to read. Perhaps you want to remember what it was like baking cookies or snuggling on the couch together after their morning nap. Today is the last day your children will be this little as tomorrow they will be a bit bigger. A Lifestyle Family Film is a super relaxed, non-fiction film that's intended to document a day in the life of you being you! It's ideal for the families who wish to celebrate the here and the now and capture the genuine connections that occur naturally between you. 

During this 2-3 hour session that typically takes place at your home, I will follow along as you do your own thing. Film sessions last longer than normal photo sessions as they're intended to be completely candid and not directed by me. It gives us the luxury of warming up together, taking our time and taking breaks when necessary. I take a documentary style approach (while providing guidance if needed!), which gives your family time to interact naturally together in a genuine, un-posed setting. It's important to fully embrace the fact that being REAL is so much better than being picture perfect. 

Whether you're expecting a new baby and want to remember those first few blissful days home... or you want to read a heartfelt Love Letter to your child... or even just want to document your Saturday morning breakfast routine, I am quite certain it will be a beautiful film. Regardless of their ages, it's never too late to film them and I can promise that you will look back at your film (again and again!) over the years and you'll thank yourself for investing into a film. It's the most incredible gift you can give to your children -- and to yourself!

Investment : $625

-- 2 to 3 hour session

-- A beautifully edited 3-4 minute film


1: Once you're ready to book, please check my availability here and secure your spot. 

2: Afterwards, I will send you a detailed questionnaire to fill out that will help give me a better understanding of your story and what you'd like to accomplish. This questionnaire will give me insight into your family life and goals, so please think about each question carefully! We will then work together to plan out our day. 

3: On the day of our session, I will arrive at our agreed upon location and will take some time to get the children warmed up to me and go over our plan again. I will then start filming and taking pictures as you go about your activities! I will essentially be a fly on the wall throughout the day.

4. After the session, I edit your photos and compile your video to put together an amazing film that'll be available to download directly onto your computer in 3-4 weeks. Grab the tissues! :) 

**Please note: this session isn't for those who are looking for the typical holiday greeting card photo or that picture perfect photo standing in a field at sunset. They are for people who wish to celebrate their life exactly as it is, imperfections and all. It's for those who aren't afraid of showing their authenticity and wish to remember their family as they always are. 

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