Melissa  |  Photographer

Proud Harley owner. Cries over every episode of Full House. Would sacrifice limbs for some Lindt Chocolate Truffles. Will Farrell and Family Guy enthusiast. Could get lost in a one room apartment. Dedicated bucket list writer. Proud surrogate mom <3. Probably hungry. 


Budha  |  Just Some Dude

Frustrated Graffiti Artist and deprived motorcycle rider. Dies a little each time he rides with Melissa because her Harley sounds much better than his. Believes PBR is God's Water. Would kill to see a Kiss concert. Believes Vicks Vapor Rub can (and will) cure all. Always willing to go along with Melissa's (never-ending) crazy ideas. 


Aveda  |  Cheerleader!

Believes she will be a veterinarian someday but that will probably change tomorrow. Is quickly learning that the movie Elf is the greatest thing ever made. Best travel partner in the history of life. Stuffed animal collector. Once asked why the Great Wall of China isn't called the Great Wall of Steps instead. Also asked why we send pictures to people if they already know what we look like. 
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