At Jade Vine, we a strong advocates for animal rights and pet adoption. This is why we've teamed up with BENCHS of Mankato to shine a light on some amazing animals that are in need of a new home. As a thank you to the new parents of dogs featured with us, we are giving a high resolution digital file of their #partypups sessions! To see a list of all the animals available for adoption, please visit here.

Please check out some other heroes that are working hard on the front line, rescuing animals from tragic situations. 

The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation is focused solely on rescuing abused dogs and dogs from the meat trade throughout Asia. They rescue them, provide full rehabilitation services and then work hard to find them perfect homes. We had the privilege of meeting the heroic Marc Ching during a March in Washington, D.C. for a congressional hearing and rally against the dog meat trade. He frequently goes undercover in Asia, pretending to be a meat buyer. While in the slaughterhouse, he'll purchase dogs on the spot and eventually shut down the facilities, while providing resources and alternate methods of income for the owners. Marc Ching is a true hero. 

Soi Dog is committed to ending the horrific dog meat trade and rehabilitate the dogs who are rescued from it. They also help home the neglected, abused and homeless dogs in many countries throughout the world. 

Mercy for Animals believes that together, we can expose the injustice, abuse and cruelty to live in a world that's free from harm. All animals deserve kindness and respect. All animals simply want to live and love.

Can you imagine a world where all of our priorities were being empathetic and kind to all? That's a world I strive to live in. If you'd like any additional resources or what to help, please contact me.

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