A game changer, y'all!

As a firm believer in continuous education, I often purchase online classes and workshops in hopes of bettering myself and JVP as a whole. I've been shooting for just over 1 year and I must admit that I have a lot to learn! Every session still has those "whelp,... I won't be doing that again,..." moments and I'm completely fine with that! Practice, practice, practice, make mistakes and repeat.

Well, a few days ago, I proudly made an investment in my business that has completely revolutionized and refreshed my outlook on photography! This class is par to none and I highly recommend it to anyone who's interested in upping their photo game. Before I get throat jabbed in anticipation, the retreat I purchased is by the one and only, Rachel Vanoven. 

Rachel's new workshop gives a down to earth, realistic, genuine and artistic approach to photography. Between the 60+ pages of easy to comprehend reading material and 4 hours of videos, I had (a stupid number of) "ah HAAAA!" moments that I am super excited to experiment with. Although I expected it of her, her wonderful sense of humor and optimism makes her incredibly relatable and she also breaks down some very important camera technicalities in a way that doesn't make me want to throw up everywhere. (Yay!)
Despite the belief of every non-professional photographer, photography is so much more than just a click of a button, and this workshop breaks down everything - I mean EVERYTHING - for you. From location scouting, client interaction, camera setups, sun placement, posing with a wide variety of people, angles, file archiving, editing, file delivery and even her own clever booking process, she's clearly not holding back on anything important and has your best interest in mind. She simply wants YOU to succeed! With her impressive level of expertise, you'd be crazy to not want an opportunity to peek into her mind!
In short, this was definitely a great investment to my business. I now have even more expertise to give my customers consistent, authentic and beautifully photographed images. My mission at JVP is to provide genuine smiles during a session that involves more playing as a family than awkwardness with a photographer, so I'm incredibly thrilled that I bought this as early as I could.
Hello, changes,... bring on new customers! 
Do yourself a favor and buy this workshop! I promise you won't regret it... GO NOW! http://www.rachelvanoven.com/shop/family-eworkshop/
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